Hannah Lake Chapel

Winter at Hannah Lake Bible Centre Sudbury

Hannah Lake Bible Camp
2469 South View Drive
A beautiful small chapel on the shores of Hannah Lake in the south end of Sudbury.

The organization which owns and operates Hannah Lake Bible Centre is the Canadian-Finnish Evangelization Society, Inc. It was registered as a Religious, Not-for-Profit, Charitable organization on December 24, 1957. It holds a registered charity status with Canada Revenue Agency.

The Society's mission is to work in spreading the Gospel across Canada in cooperation with Lutheran Congregations, Christian Organizations and homes.

Throughout the Summer, the centre holds English and Finnish language gatherings (Wednesday and Thursday, respectively). In addition it has weekend events in June (opening) July (mid-Summer) and September (closing). It also hosts senior's picnics, children's, youth, and adult 'camps'.

The facilities are used by various Christian congregations and families. Lutheran congregations in Ontario and Quebec have, in the last 40+ years, used the Hannah Lake Bible Centre.